May 2, 2009

Stimulus Package

Recession hit global once affected everyone from professionals, laborers, firms, self employed n even student like me..
So to help the unfortunate the government of each country try to do their part n one of their strategy is to reward some of people who is eligible wif stimulus package/ bonus ie money.

n guess what guys. just now i was checking my netbank n doing some transaction n suddenly i noticed an increased in my account statement wif last transaction - "ATO Stimulus Bonus - $900"
*ATO- Australian Tax Office
Wow!! AUD$900!!! bulih balik msia nie! or perhaps airbrush my new gilera or spend for holiday later during winter break ke kan..well after all the reason the g'ment award this money is for people to spend. yes! to spend so tht it stimulate n generate the i just do what the gment spending!! hahhaha!

Last word...i love Australia!!! thanks Kev Rudd!! hahaha!