June 27, 2009

Nak start balik la..

Pergh..mmg dh lame sgt stop bloggin nie..
Aritu kate nk start blk..but biase la..
Dekat2 final sem..pastu got rugby commitment lagik..
Jgn ckp nk blogging, nk bukak blogspot pun tak..
Padahal byk sgt nk share, byk nk luah..lots thing happen to me n done.

Well..since now dh start winter holiday..i guess i can start again...kot..
ok 1st thing 1st la kan..

On last early morning of Thursday( the queue start at midnite)..being victim of hype marketing of Apple,
i been lure to queue myself in chillin winter for about 2hours 43 mins in hoping to be one of the 1st person to own the latest iPhone 3GS..
well..i have to say itz quite investment of time i did.hahaha! i got me self white iPhone 3GS with 32GB memory. yeahh!!!! and bcos i got the invitation to the event n being 1st 500 customer, they give me free gift called "Love Pack" which consist screen protector, clear hard case, and car charger kit costing bout AUD50. Yaaahuuuu!!!
So whats cool about the New iPhone 3GS compare to the previous model?? the features??
well click on this, iPhone 3GS
Well, enough bout the iPhone..
i still got so much to update bout meself..hahaha!
Poyo cite psl diri sendirikan, well, this is my blog anyway rite.

Ok, so whats up for winter holiday??
Tomorrow is one special day..Y??
just wait cos i'm gonna tell u guys later..heheheh!!

Till then..