September 9, 2009

Lily and Bart

Its been a while since last time i uploaded pics of Lily and Bart..Dieorg dh besar now and age roughly 8months this September. Nway, as most of u know, both of them now living wif me in Kuantan. They now seems to like it here n enjoying the sunny weather in Kuantan. But i reckon, since the weather was pretty hot for them during the day, they just spend their time sleeping when the sun is out.
Oh! in last post i said tht i bought new collar for them wif ultra kawaii bell kan. So here are the pics of them posing wif their Hari Raye collar. keh keh keh!!

Sejak blk to Msia nie, most of stuff regarding Lily and Bart berubah such as food (as i said in past post) and of course la weather kan. Nway arini nak story skit psl Cat Litter a.k.a. Kitty Litter. From what i know there are several types of Kitty litter available in the market such as Conventional (nie pkai clay biase n tak clumping), clumping litter (modified clay), biodegradable litter (such as newspaper, orange peel, wood dust) and crystal (silica gel)
2 pics kat atas nie show tht, dieorg tgh cube2 new litter. Maybe smell news kot tu psl dieorg try2. hopefully dieorg suke la. Oh! nie tips, if u guys nk tukar litter type or even brand pun, do it before abis tau, cos kene campur skit wif litter yg dieorg dh biase so tht barulah dieorg ok. This same goes to food as well.

Nway from experience i been using Crystal type in Sydney n switched to Clumping Clay in Msia (nie beli secare xsengaje) Both of these type ade pro and con la. Crystal firstly it look nice when fresh new. it absorb urine better, but u have to stir it after the cat used it so it mixed around n the absorption process is quicker. So itz more economical la kan. but satu xbest is tht, bile dh bout a month, iye akan tukar color (color kuning, actually color nie akan bertambah as hari bertambah la) n time nak tukar tu, biase urine akan duk kat bawah n this will...pergh!!! busuk gak la. Tp like i said, itz economical cos gune this type of litter skit je but color tu yg xtahan tu n time nk tukar.
bagi clumping clay lak, urine akan clumped n jadi solid, so kene buang hari2 la. but positivenye iyelah cm me, since i put the litter box kat tepi bilik, so since urine tu clumped n buang hari2. so xde masalah odor la kan. tp negative sidenye iyelah die pkai byk la kan n selalu kene topup skit2 bergantung pade usage. btu so far, i prefer clumping clay over crystal.
The one i'm using (clumping clay) even have small bit of silica to absorb the odor n moisture. So it get both of the world. So bagus2. hehehe! tp since itz clay n kene topup, pastu price agak mahal, so from financial side it not gud la kan.

P/s: rilek je kucing kat kampung pkai tanah. dh la itz not only sustainable methods, jadi baja lak tu utk pokok2 kat situ. ehhehehe

September 4, 2009

Rantai Raye

Since last Feb aku become unofficial Ayah utk anak2 kucing aku.. Dan sebagai ayah2 yg menyayangi anak mereke, bile tibe time nak raye..maka akan bz lah membeli perihal utk raye rite.

So smalam aku telah beli sumthing utk Bart and Lily so tht this raye they both will look segak n ayu..hahahha!!!

Pastu at the counter, i saw this cute bell which u can replace the one came wif the neckcollar. Ape agi..angkat la satu. hehehe!
I choose the Owl for Bart since he dun sleep at nyte n clever as an Owl.. true tau. Even my parents were so impressed wif kepandaian Bart. hahah

And for my gorgeous Lily, I choose Pooh since she's very cute but at the same time..if tido, mmg kalah org pose..terguling sane, terguling sini..hahahha! xsaba nk peluk mereke blk kije nie.

September 2, 2009


have alook...with open heart...

Whiskas and Frikies, cat junk food

Arini cm nak cite pasal cat food. Actually before this i had cats for quite long time, but mase tu my parents yg cam take care pepsl kucing nie. From food, vaccination, n others la. Yelah kan mase tu aku masih budak..just pandai main je. So xde la tau sgt pasal bab2 menjage kucing....

Until early this year when i decide to bought a cat for my own in Sydney..rasenye korang tau kot my precious Lily.Nway, since tht moment, i spent more time reading articles on net camne nak jage kucing, camne nk kasi treat n medical issues la psl kucing nie. Actually, byk sgt psl kucing yg aku tak tau such as kucing ade Feline HIV, ade insurance kucing, ade vaccination program yg kene ikut period die. tu xmasuk agi cm type of food n their properties, jenis2 cat sand, n byk lagi la kan.

Nway like i said, arini nak story bab cat food. ok, kat Sydney i gave my Lily n Bart sometimes Whiskas n sumtimes Friskies, both wet n dry food, mixed together. i followed this advised from Vet n org Pet shop in sydney la. So far mase kat sane both of them seems to love it esp Bart la.

Well, the problem (not really problem actually..) start when i bring back both of them when they seems not to eat anything. Even Arip pun ckp mase kt boarding house dieorg tak mkn. So bile blk sini, i try to feed them wif same 2 brand but dieorg pun tak mkn which make me scratch my head wondering Y on earth dieorg tak mkn dieorg nye Fav food..afta2 days in Kuantan, i felt worried bout them n bring them to see my local Vet.

My Vet cite that, Whiskas and friskies malaysia and Australia is different. Msia punye from Thailand and tht byk chemical n from Australia better quality. actually itz true. If kite bukak paket die pun beza n even the flavor variety is different. Actually i went to see 2 Vet, n both of them agreed on this n said that both brand in here consider junk food to cat. So guys out there, xpayah la feed ur cat wif both brand. Once a while mayb ok kot.
Another thing is tht i learn is that, actually by mixing wet and dry food as regular food and not as treat is bad. Why?? cos satu u pampered sgt ur cat n nanti die xmo mkn care lain. tht methods not only more expensive (due to high waste n 2 type of food) but also bad to their gum. Tp like the Vets said, wet food twice a week oklah kot. Moreover, bile example u have to sent ur cat to boarding or even ask sumbody to take care ur cat kan, biase org just kasik dry or wet. Not by mixing it both cos its lots of effort gitu. So thts explain why Lily and Bart xmkn aritu rite. So, bad practice!

Nway afta when to the Vet, the Vet prescribe my cat wif science diet A/D. itz wet food (for temporary only as its prescribe food) it helps in increase appetite. Cam appeton la pulak kan. hahhaha! br aku tau ade ubat gitu rupenye. ahah! actually ade satu agi wet food, but i forgot ape name die but from same company (science diet) but utk cirit birit. huhu!

So since food here xsame, after done bit of research i found tht royal canin suit my need n actually one of the best premium cat food in the market. not only itz high in protein but also they have excellent track record of the company. Lily and Bart also seems to like the dry food as well. gud on them n for me, i glad. hehehe!

Tp kan, ingat before habis this Royal Canin, nk try satu agi which is Orijen. Itz the most expensive dry food i found la n itz has the highest protein content which is gud for the cat. Nway, i just found out as well, since cat are carnivore, they not used to eat grain. they should eat meat. this is what Orijen website said la. but i curious why in the market byk je ade iklan la, flavour such as chicken wif rice la, brown rice la. tah la. maybe ade salah bace kot or other explanation lain kot.

Nway Orijen nie, if u done heard before ade issue kat Australia n the product was withdrawn from the market due to irradiation. this happened due to Aus custom required tht all fresh product went to radiation treatment, cos of too high radiation it change the properties instead of become beneficial, its turn to be poison to the cat. So far ade 5 ekor cat diagnose wif kidney stone and mati. cian sgt. But nway tht showed tht the Orijen really2 have fresh product in it kan. n luckly in Msia we dun have the kind of radiation treatment. So bulih la pasni bli. hehehe

Oh! ade satu agi brand if u guys wanna try, itz called Natural Balance. xpenah try but from research n forum i found that its really gud n been used by some breeder in Malaysia n other countries as well.

so ape agi guys, jom la shoping2 makanan kucing anda supaye iye sihat and kuat! yeahhhh!!!

September 1, 2009

Fusion 2

Ok today aku nak share wif korang betape aku suke n proud to be Mac user. It also become one of justification point nape i moved to Mac aside tht itz super duper cool becoming one of those people sipping cool Frappe on Sunday noon @ Starbuck while net surfing on MAc. heheheh!

To those who familiar wif Mac, know tht u can switch Window OS on ur MAc by Boot camp rite. So far itz gud tht u can have 2 OS in just one laptop rite. Meaning u still can use certain application software that only available in PC kan such as AutoCAD or Microsoft Project. Tp sumtimes this create unnecessary problem ; eg u have to keep switching OS.. Maybe cos u dun have enough installer for one OS ke kan..So here where Fusion or Parallel software came into place.

Ape die both software nie? actually both Fusion and Parallel let u use Window application in ur MAc without booting.Camne? after korang install this software and the OS eg; Window XP, korang akan dpt satu window which is Window XP. and tht window act as different entity or we can say just like another computer in ur computer. huuuh!! hebat tol! plus since itz just window, korang bulih drag n drop file yg need to use application in XP, tp kene la install software die dulu.

Nway for my case, i choose Fusion cos after researched n asking couple frens, Fusion seems to be more stable compare to Parallel wif less hang n less memory sucking which gonna slow ur processor. True la i have to admit i noticed lil bit of slow in my Mac. but itz still ok lah since u got 2 OS running rite plus i'm using MacBook only MAcBookPro. OH! setakat nie xde lagik hang la.

Sukenye haku!! mmg berterime kasih la pade Fusion cos since start kije nie, byk software pkai Window, so dgn adenye Fusion aku ley pkai MAc aku g kije utk Pkai AutoCAD and MSProject n MAc utk leisure. hehehe!
Itz highly recommended from me. So get urself a Fusion 2 if korang happened to be in my situation, yeah!!!