January 25, 2009

LAziness strucked me

i promise to update me blog since last post wif me n me gurl trip around Msia but tht yet to be reality..itz not the time i dun have, itz not tht the pics havent b edited..not the internet prob..itz me!! me me n me!! been lazy..Y i said??
i reckon cos knowing tht im going back to reality on 2nd Feb, do make me feel lifeless, 'lesu' n kinda scared..hhmmm..dun know..will force meself.. nway i just update me Friendster and flicker..

oh!! i'm kinda surprise tonite..Y?? i found sum1 been using my name as one of her character in her story..firstly i thought, well i'm not the only 1 wif tht name..but then SMART?? Puan Hajjah Rubiah?? thts me skool n during my study there..

then the post seems just recently n i left SMART in 99'..so the Q is why now?? plus main n 2nd character name doesnt ring any bell..perhaps i forgot (so sorry if 'terlupe') but the name sound so novel engineed..mmm well guys, click this n tell me what u reckon..

P/s: saye takot la..

January 13, 2009

8TV Casting Call: The Next Face of 8TV

itz been a while i dun update my blog n i do actually have heaps of post coming up later, the reason behind this is tht i'm away wif my other gud half..nway, for this 1st post (after the romantic gateaway) i will share some of my experience i had attending the 8TV casting held during the YOUTH'09..

i have to admit tht im quite xcited bout this casting thingy n keep tellin me gurl tht im gonna signup n up for it..hehehe! but on tht day i went to the booth n if i signup now, ill b 2nd person in row..suddently rush kickin in, butterflies flying, cool sweat on me forehead..mm..
i said to me Hun, 'eerr..kite rilek2 lu r, kang2 skit la we c how it goes 1st la.jom minum lu"

i try to delayed, but me gurl keep saying, jom blk la..or u wanna do it?? i keep givin no response..then forcing me to walk to the booth n help me to think any Q tht they gonna ask n while i fightin wif me feelin inside n giving response to my gurl, i realised im standing in front of the booth..dammit..then my gurl took the form n ask me to fill it..aduh!! oklah.."padahal aku yg beriya nie" hehehe! well nuthing to lose pun..n itz fun some more rite..ok Wan!! positive!! heehe!!

wah!! so much words already, ok ok.i'll keep it short. the process itz simple. i just have to intro meself n then in 3 minutes i have to host a show n interview guest to my show..
overall i reckon im doing ok la for 1st timer, just bit "gugup" memule tu..afta i break the ice, it all went smooth (tht's what i reckon la)

below some of pic taken by Arni during the castin..thanks Huny!!

P/s: "ku malu tapi ku mahu" finger cross but i do have hope on it..cewah!! berangan je lebih nie..kate Fun2 j..hehehe

January 7, 2009


hey guys!! what ya plan for this weekends?? dunno?? dun have 1??
well my amigos, u r lucky for tht i'm going to tell u sumthing superb tht gonna rocks ur weekends..
this weekend (actually it start on Friday 9th till Sunday 11)..in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) there will be YOUTH'S 09..

What itzzz?? itz an event organised by cool youngsters for cool n hip n trendy n super gorgeous n 'kacak' like u guys. it will be full of activities such as sports (fusball, basketball, futsal) fashion (there gonna b lots of indie young designer booths) music (yep! mate..there gonna b battle of the bands!!!) career talk n guide, n even casting by 8tv (tht what i heard la kan)..plus theres will b lots of giveaway such as lucky draw, goodie bags, n for every 1000th visitor will get Casio G-Shock worth rm400..pergh!! rite.. well if thts not enough justification to go, how bout excuse to be seen n see..well my frenz..as this is cool event..trust me, itz gonna be full of friendly hot babes and cute boy or if u prefer macho guy.hehehe!! so singles, itz time to mingle..n for who sum1 like me tht just so deep in love wif ur other half..well itz always room for new frenz rite..cewah!!

So whats the hold up?? y wait..redeem ur free pass here!! FREE u!! sumpah!! tp if u wait then of course la nanti kene Q up on tht day..nway below is my free pass..cun kan?? so get urs now!!
so how to get ur hand on it?? in my blog, look for top right handside which says "i've had my say, macam mana u?" click tht, u guys just few click away for ur very own priority pass. So amigos, cya this weekends k!!!

January 1, 2009

helllooo 2009

mm..what a frustrated feelin i had now..even tho me gurl is in Msia rite now she had to 'balik kampung' n i have to spend new year eve alone in Kuantan..actually i could spend some gud time in KL but yesterday afta done my shopin for this year (i love shopin!!!) @ PAvilion (yes, alone=/ ) i felt bored so i just ruched back to Qtan afta pay visit my Aunt in Bukit Jelutong..n only today i got text from me clicks they got futsal n hangout pla tonite..if i know..sumpah xblk Qtan!!! plus due to miscommunication, my gurl rush back to PErak but actually she could just blk esok..aahhh!! knowing this make me felt bad doh!!

nway since i felt so sleepy n bored during my trip back to Qtan last nite..i decide to renew my record n my tag..hehehe! (me and arm start this challenge on net n i dare other LPT user to tis challenge)

61 minutes.So Arm..i beat u bro..3minutes faster..i know both of us dun try so hard..so keep slaming those pedal to floor n post the new record..next target: sub an hour..huhuhu!!

by da way i bout this gorgeous shoe @ Tangs PAvi..i felt i love when i 1st saw it in Sydney but i keep buying other type of shoe..i was considering this shoe wif Lacoste which i melt everitime i saw it. but yesterday perhaps its me lucky day the shoes is offered at 50% plus 10% more..huhuhu! what excuse i give to meself for not grapin tht shoe..ahh...hahahaha!!S***R shoe

Nway back to the topic..2009..i got this 1 resolution in 2008 tht i haven't achieved yet..well actually for the past 3 years!! hahaha! what it is?? mm..i dun think i'm gonna tell u but if i achieved it later this year, most probably i would..hehehe!

well i frenz, i wanna grap this oppurtunity to wish u guys all the best and may 2009 bring u all the gudness n all ur target(s) become reality..InsyaAllah, Amin..