December 23, 2008

cant wait for tomorrow i'll b unite wif me love

hey sun!!! hurry up n wake up!! i cant wait to see my love tomolo!!!

December 13, 2008

Tag from Fatin...

Terms & Conditions...
1. Listkan rules² ini.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 7 peeps at the end of your tag by leaving their names with their blog link.
5. Link the person who tagged you.
6. Leave a comment for each blogger.

1. Rules:
- same as above

2. 7 facts bout me
- even tho i'm very consent bout how i look..actually my BMI is 25.5 which is overweight!! haah! (ok ok Darl, it will be my new year resolution to achieve six pack or at least flat abs k=] )

-i start playin rugby in form 1 since i got rejected during skool soccer tryout which prove tht i'm suck @ football..

-so obsessed with gadjet n high tech merchandise. would spends lots of money on it.

-one of reason i keep an active lifestyle via workin out n exercise beside maintainin my body (oh plz!! itz not even ideal BMI..) i noe tht i got heart problem gene which may bcome problem in later year so trying from now to maintain my heart health condition

-i can b consider as metrosexual. i do wear moisturizer, eye cream n sunblock every time i hit the sun n sumtimes coloured contact. i use SK2 white essence with biotherm toner n biotherm whitening sets. i do put my cloth on my bed to choose what to wear n spend time coordinating it. and..ahh!! too much to say la but u get the idea la..

-one of reason i fell in love wif photograpy is tht im soo vain tht during first month after gettin my DSLR, i took lots of selfpotrait and spend time lookin at it..hahha!!

-well the last 1 i usually dun tell!! i change my mind la..i tell u sumthing else.. well i got 3 'pusar rambut' n one of it itz infront my head near the forehead..heheheh!!

3. 6 unspectacular quirks of me
- i got this 'was-was' i set my alarm clock, i would check it at least 5-6 times by set it on then set it off again n repeat again and again..

-if i saw well dressed or stylo couple, my eyes will draw to the guys 1st..after sometime then i look at the gurl..dun worry i'm very very straight. i guessed i'm so consent bout i how i look i try to see how others dressed up n take idea from them..

-itz very hard for me to mingle wif elders..i dun now y..espeially during 'majlis' or other gatherin..i would rather sit at corner n enjoy the food while trying to make bored faces..huhuhu!!

-after high skool, i never finished reading a book or novel except related to my studies..well magazines dun count la kan..i'm soo lazy at reading books..

-i do have this attidude towards 'keep it to last minute'. n everitimes i finished sumthing just on time, i promise to would never do it again but yet to repeat the sin in no time..huhu!!

-one of my bad habits is to wear my sleepin uniform a week long..hahaha! makin lame pkai, makin comfy jadik..hahhah!!

4. Tag 7 peeps at the end of your tag by leaving their names with their blog link.
well i dun have many frenz to tag n sum of then dun regulary update their just these people je la..
-Huny -
-Attila -
-Arm -

5. person who tagged me
- Fatin -

6. Leave a comment for each blogger.
- Bereh!!!

Medal from Attila!!!

as i said in last post..itz been awhile i dun update my blog n checkin my peeps blog..haiyah!! so lazy meh!! nway just now while i'm flickin thru one of me frenz blog, Attila..i just realised she been giving me this lovely medal!! yeah!! this is first time i got Virtual Medal..medal zaman skolah2 tu ade yg nie sungguh trendy kerna iya xdpt dpegang tp mampu dtatap n bulih dkenang n bisa dsimpan..cewah!!! hahaha!!

P/s: thxs again Attila gud luck wif ur Thesis!! aja aja berusaha!! yeah!!!

Been LAzy....

Lately i felt so lazy updating my gurl keep tellin me to post up some thing in my blog..but i dun noe..too lazy..but i guessed it bcos i dun noe how to resize my pics in Macbook..since i dun have PS or other software in Macbook..tht demoralised me..hehehe!! alasan..nway i got heaps happenin around me like, Penang and Bandung Trip, B'day umi, Semi Rugby Game Liga Alumni Kebangsaan, Dek Nors Wedding, House Warming Ab.P...but i guess i'm to for start i will try to post it in reverse or any sequence i like..hahhaa!!

i also have to appologise to my bloggers frenz as seems a while i dun drop to ur guys blog..mayb later on..tomorrow i'm going to KL for Final Rugby game agains STAROBA (STAR Old Boys Assoc.) n fetch Arni later on.Yeahh!! So i guessed after coming back from KL i will spend some time blogging..heheh!! hopefully la kan..

Nway here some pics taken tonite @ Abang P house warming..since today Fatin Bufday as well, i bought Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recepi this afternoon n we had small side bufday celebration..oh!! Damia bufday pun carried forward to today..actually Damia bufday is on 4th kire super belated la..nWay hapi bufday to Fatin n Damia!!!

December 9, 2008

Black is out n Fun is in!!

what a day..yesterday Almost whole Kuantan city n itz surrounding suburb were in blackout due to power failure in one of the main power distributor..well tht what i've been told..nway the blackout start about 12.30pm yesterday n in the evening bout 6pm bout 85% houses around Kuantan gain back their electricity..unfortunely my area Bandar Indera Mahkota 5 only get its electricity this morning..what a relief!

nway since we have to spend the whole nite lightin our house wif candles which i reckon is fun..hehehe! i try to snap couples of pics just to make it fun nite..
fatin wif her love sign
farah trying to make star sign
me wif unsuccessful human sign

P/s: we whole family spend the whole nite sleepin in the livin room with candles lightin up the area ..what a bonding session..hahhaa!!

November 27, 2008

Vain Edition..(sori for the post..xdpt tito la psl nyamuk)

hehe!! i just finished watch 2nd episode of Perfect Match (korean series, terjebak wif my lil sis) on my laptop on my bed..try to sleep but my mind keep thinkin' bout me gurl in Sydney..hehehe!! so i 'golek-golek' yet this eye still wide i just browsing thru my pics n suddently i felt urge of vain build up n forcing my fingers posting this..ahh!! what da.. (bule lak ter'vain' pepagi subuh nie, haiya)
nway top pic is taken in Bandung(last week) on our last day of our family trip..oh!! tht Fruit Tea drink is so refreshing!! enak banget!!
2nd pic and last pic just been taken tonite..since today is me mum bufday, we went to Swiss Garden Hotel and Spa, Balok to celebrate there..we having this nyum2 steamboat for our dinner..oh! i'm surprise tht the hotel have been undergo major upgrade and increase itz level to 4.5 stars..itz been a while since me last visit there..nway the interior of lobby and surrounding area like cafe, restaurant, pool n such is now gorgeous..they even got a grand piano setup in the middle of water features right in the lobby wif backgrounding the nice view of the beach.. eh!! jap2..pehal aku promo hotel nie sini..dah dah a.. (nie dh busan n mamai r nie)

Peace out!!

November 26, 2008

Tagged by Arm..

1. What are you wearing?
tshirt FOS and Sluar slack Volcom tiruan.hehehe!!

2. What did you do last night?
Letih woo..baru balik dari Bandung..tido je..

3. Favorite Memory with significant other?
Everytime spent wif her is my Fav..

4. Last gift received?

5. Describe the last picture you were in?
i'm holding my niece doing cute faces!! hehe!! missed her

8. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
boxer brief wif lycra material

9. What was your best vacation?
perhaps the latest 1 which is yesterday..Bandung..itz been long time i dun spend time in holiday wif me family

10. What are you most looking forward to in the next vacation?
taking nice landscape pic and try new thing and eat sumthing exotic or local special

11. What is happening around you?
my bro is bz wif his new house, sis sume dlm bilik, umi is recovering from sick, n paip bocor kt atas

12. What is your shoe size?
9..did u know what they say bout man wif huge feet?? keh keh keh

13. Last event you dressed up for?
i dressed up everiday maa..kate vain..hahahah!! oh plz..

14. What is the most cheap thing you bought?
permen (gule2) kt Bandung..15sen sepeket

15. What is the most expensive thing you have on right now?

iman+ akal+my love ones+love people aroung me = my life

16. What is your favorite smell?
alwayz sumthing suwit like vanilla or candy..lolita lempika is 1 gud example

17. Is there something you really want to buy right now?
Canon 5D Mark2 wif 2L series lenses

18. What are your nicknames?
Che Wan, Sapuang, Burg, Wan, and of course ichi la..

19. What are your plans for today?
today??itz 10pm already..but later we gonna surprise our mum for her bufday..hehe

20. Describe your friendster picture.
in front A'Famosa wif my big canon..heheh

21. Describe your myspace picture.
ta de myspace la. nnt nk wat tapi ta tau bile.

22. Describe your facebook picture.

pun tarak

23. What did you do last weekend?
Bandung..try to learn some Sunda words, their culture and food..itz a moving experience

24. Favorite brand of clothes?
used to be Industries..but now i dun have preferred brand as now i wear or buy what i felt tht exact moment

25. Who you want to tag this time?
mmmm...Arni..can u??

November 25, 2008

She like me..but i already got my Gurl...

i been away from home for bout 10days since i left to Penang and Bandung for family trip..but unfortunately Mia didn't follow i guessed she kindda missed me today..everywhere i go she seems didnt want to b apart from me..thts so suwit.. but kindda tiring as well as she want me to 'dukung' her al the time..but thts ok Mia..Ayah Ngah love u!! heheheh!!

November 17, 2008

Me new Baby - Sha

as being a loyal user of PC i always have this mentality tht Mac is for pro user who demand high application usage such as designer or music composer..but since their campaign in new add which i reckon bit mainstream for them, plus seeing my other half been using her Macbook for her daily life, i have to say it develop this feelin tht Mac is cool..and Mac is in-trend n whats more itz actually easier and fun once u familiar and get grip of its basic.

i have to admit tht owing an iPhone do put some desire on me on having another Mac product( i already owned an iPod nano and iPod shuffle) n since my laptop (acer) is come to due..i'm taking the risk of getting a Macbook as my new laptop while yet to know how to use Mac Leopard OS.. and to my surpise itz was just like walkin in the park..too easy mate..and im lovin it.
Before i bought this macbook, i done lots of reasearch comparing between Macbook and Macbook Pro and all itz specz and variants..and i come to decision of grapin Macbook 13.3 inch 2.4Ghz wif 250HDD 5400rpm and 2Gb RAM..actually i want to get the upgrade version which consist spec of 4Gb RAM wif 350HDD 7200rpm..but since in Msia the is no Apple store, the reseller even the premium reseller like Epi center in Pavilion dont have tht have to settle for the earlier version..but actually itz already more than enough for me now..perhaps after a year i can upgrade it for cheaper price..
since this is my 1st laptop wif build-in webcam, i'm so 'jakun' trying it and showing off wif me some of my pics wif gorgeous Damia(above) and my lovely sis, Farah and Fatin. (below)
so far, i'm soo in love wif me new Macbook for itz size, weight, OS, portability, speed, graphic, illuminated keyboard and the coolness itz bring in me life..huhu!!

yes!! i'm one of the proud owner of Macbook out there..yes!! finally..

November 14, 2008

Impak Maksima the Musical first theater attend. and it was in my home country, Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur..n wat the theater is?? of course Malay maa... Impak Maksima the Musical..hehehe
i have to admit tht i'm thrilled to see this play since not only itz me 1st time but also Impak Maksima is one of my fav series (actually only till episode 13,cos afta tht i felt it too melalut wif too much hospital scene n org jahat xpenah abis2)
Nway i went there wif me gud mates Rahim bout 20 minutes b4 the play start which bout half past it was weekday nite n 1st nite of play..not must guest turn up to see the play which actually turn to b gud thing for us..why?? i bought rm80 ticket which put me in gud front seat but itz on the left of the stage n due to lots of vacancy in rm150 seat, the guy in charge ask me mates n me to seat at the cnter in front of the stage which actually should cost us rm150 just for the seat..n thts what we can my fren...LUCKY!!!!
the show run for bout gud an hour and 45minutes which i enjoyed every second of it..hehhe!! just luv the dance n the singing..sempoi n menarik..i noe itz not everyone cup of tea but for me, i'm digging it..yeah!!

after the show the actors and dance crew came out to mingle wif the audiences and there's also autograph session as well..but i'm not going to Q up just to get their autograph..but i took some pics wif the actor who didnot join the autograph session..Oh!! Hans Isaac didn't involve in the play..he just came to see the show..same wif DK( Dato K tau, bukan Driff King) and Dato Siti Nurhaliza..

So from my opinion, i give this show 3.5 star rating based on the new style of play, the dance, the lyric of the song, as well as the concept of bringin' driffting on the stage..even tho itz not much..just hope this is one gud initial step..initial driff!!

November 7, 2008

SightSeeing Malacca

finally.. it been long time i waited to visit Melake again since last time during my childhood.. i have to admit sightseeing in melake do gimme excitement n since i'm bit on patriotic side and lil bit like history, the visit mean alot for me: reminding who i am, where we come from n

Nway, this one day trip was joined with Pmad,my side kick who happen to be Metal Monster from Bristol who have cut his hair short due to family and career obligation...hahah!! tak rock la lu brader!!

Briefly Melake or Malacca was fouded by Prince from Sumatra (Parameswara) in 14th century which later develop into major trading port for ships from India and China due to its stategic geographic location. As normal, being white and think tht they better than other race which absolutely wrong which can be justify by their non respect, uncivilised, stupid, hash, and dirty actions, the Portuguese conquered Malacca in1511. Then followed by Dutch in 1641 until much later where British took over Malacca..
ok ok..i wont say much more bout history or the building even tho i'm so moved by these actually.. (yes! saye mmg Skema and Nerd skit!!) below some of the places we went during sightseeing:
1.Porta de' Santiago aka A'Famosa
-build byPortuguese in 1511 as fortress

2.Christ Church
-build by Portuguese in 1753

3.St. Paul Church
-located on top of St.Paul hill overview Malacca straight which once used as prayer place ofr Catholic Portuguese..then later used by Dutch as burial ground for their noble dead..

4.Stadthuys buildings
-1650's quaters used as official residence of Dutch Governor.

5.Malacca Sultanate Palace
-replica of Malacca palace based on "Malay Annals" or "sejarah Melayu"

6.Museum Samudera
-host history of maritime and port alike

7.(other modern attraction)
-Taming Sari Tower
-Crocs Farm
-Dataran Pahlawan
Above:Stadthuys buildings
Below: St. Paul church

Below:several of tomb stones inside the St.Paul Church

( like in 70's movies. with tht white aviator and train..huhuh!! i'm feelin it yo!!)

Beside his guitar and music..he got another addiction...what?? Smokin dude..itz make u look hot...well bro..i dun smoke..y?? i'm, i dun need any apparatus to help me lookin' hot..i'm already are..hahhaa!!

YEahhhhhh!!! i'm so hapi!!!!!
Next time i will visit here again wif me gurl.Syayang nanti kite gi sesame yek!

P/s: do try ikan bakar wif nasi lemak @ Umbai..even tho itz bit 'pelik' for me but layanzz bro.. thanks to Head for introducing me wif this new method of makan ikan bakar..

November 6, 2008

Rahim Engagement.....

itz been bz weekends for me least week attending engagement n wedding of my frenz..guess since its long weekend during Deepavali, people grab this chance to hold special event..

Last weekends only i attended 2 wedds both in Kuantan and 1 engagement in Shah Alam..first wedd is Yasser wedding in Permatang Badak who is my mates in Semsas n the other 1 is Yuhan wedd..i havent seen Yuhan since standard 6 in SK Bukit Sekilau..tup tup!! now dh kawin..pergh!! lucky he still remember me..he's now workin as Petronas Chemical Engineer in Kerteh..
Nway too bad i havent bring my camera during both
nway on the next day (26Oct) i went to Rahim Engagement who is my buddy since SK Bukit Sekilau and since then we become gud buddy and always keep in touch..
i went there wif my other two gud frens..Pmad and Atuk..
From left:Aisyah aka Lisa, Rahim, Pmad, Atuk , Ichi (me=p)
having experienced these now, i realised tht now i'm in another stage of my life..itz when u hang out and catch up wif old fren, people start saying like, "aritu aku gi kawin..." "ko bile lagi" , "kasi alamat ko, aku nk post kad..." tht sort of questions keep coming..

well, it used to be like.."ko masuk u mane".."die sambung study UK".."bile abis...??"
I reckon tht life about..growing old and keep the gud memories in..huhuu!! thts make life fun!!

I guess..later in next 5-6 years..the questions will change again to "brape anak dude?".."hai..tak kawin agi ke?".."bile nk buat baby shower?"..huhuh!!

till then..enjoy life!!

P/s: congratz to Yasser, Yuhan and Rahim and all other nice gud person out there for their wedds and engagement.

November 5, 2008

I've been tagged by Huny Hubby

Law & Order

1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2) Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5) Tag 10 people to do this

well this is me not straight after being tagged but baru teringat kire yg real editing n xmekap2 k u=p huhuh!!

10 people, I would like to tag:
P/s: since i reckon i dun have more than 10 people in my blog plus all of them been tagged already by sape2 yg kene wif her n read me blog...Do ur PArt!!

November 4, 2008

Ikan Bakar Tanjung Lumpur

i have been spending my last week @ KL which explain Y i havent update my blog recently..well there's no Net connection @ my Apartment in KL..However i will tell u guys bout my day trip to Melake wif my gud fren, Pmad in next post..

Now i want to tell u guys bout Tanjung Lumpur..well last week b4 i went to KL, as usual me and whole family will have diner at ikan bkar Tanjung Lumpur..itz bcome more like ritual for every time i came home..well i like it tho!!
Tanjung Lumpur can be reach from Kuantan thru Tanjung Lumpur bridge located at Persimpangan Jalan Telok Sisek..itz actualy very close to Kuantan..once there, there's rows of restaurants selling ikan bakar as their specialty..however being local n growned up in this town..well i can say i know which spot is the best..hey!! if u guys do ever planning come down to Qtan (tht's fancy way of saying Ktan) just drop me a line n i'm surely more than hapi to help u guys searching the best ikan bakar port! huhuh!

this is one of my fav..."udang masak manis berlada" perghhh!!! terbaek!!!
this cuisine is lil bit exotic..its called "pepahat" itz taste just like any other invertebrate but lil bit taste better than "kerang' for me
oh! ya..u guys should try "Air Pelam Gelas Besar" thts one of their speciality here @ Ana Ikan Bakar..very refreshing!! nyumsss!!!
My kunun2 soo "Ayu" sis who always wear stilettos and korean wannabe lil sis who actually dunno how to write properly in Korean...Ape-ape pun...i still love them for who they r!! aauuww!!
Seems tht "tok" having a gud time..
Umi is planning our next family gateway..bandung probably..y?? can shopin there maa...=p
heheh!! just love this gorgeous chick..

October 23, 2008

Bunga Lalang

Today i woke up late due to i choose to sleep afta sahur..since i got nuthing to do except picking my sis from SMART @ 2.35, i'm free..i just 'lepak2' my home..itz been bz all day everyday in life in now i take this oppurtunity for me to chillin'...i like!!

There's 1 empty lot next to my place where the land owner have yet to build anything on it where this beautiful 'bunga lalang' have grown all over the place..since i came back, every time i passed it, i always say its soo ape lagi..due to sengal..i went to the lot and took several it!!

i asked my lil sis to b my model..this actually 4th shots to get those effect of the 'bunge' flying...itu pun xcukup bagus lagi..huhu!!