February 25, 2009

Here comes Lily

Presenting, miss Lily!!! Clap clap clap!! Yeah!!!This is my new pet n the 2nd in Oz after my fish pet..actually i dun wanna get it (i wanna get a ferret for meself), but after couples day seeing Bard lonely by itself.. i said this is enough persuasion for me to get 1.. at least Bard got company when all of us bz during the day.

Lily is from Australia Domestic Short Hair (DSH) bred while Bard from Australia Domestic Medium Hair. In Oz, DSH also been known by name of moggie. itz temperament can be consider perfectly balance. they can be loving, playful, friendly, n quite. eventho itz look almost similar like Msian DSH, it body can be consider bulkier wif toner muscle. it also more intelligent and can easily taught to respond when called. they dun alywaz require attention from u and wont always be on ur lap which bit different compared to Domestic Medium Hair which is more friendly (or u can say bit 'manja') n need more attention n get lonely easily.since Bard is a male n been 4days here before Lily, he is bit territorial n had hard time accepting another female cat in his territory. they tend to fight as they got close but it seems it get better wif the time. hopefully after few days they can live together in 1 cage. hehehe!
Oh! tomorrow i got to book for Lily Vet CheckUp. Better doing ASAP since next week im gonna b bz wif uni stuff.

Till then..MMiiioooowww!!!

February 19, 2009

So stupid to ignore those warning..

i got what i deserved today. suit meself!
nway today after boring afternoon, my housemate just pop wif idea to go fishing since today the sun just came out. itz been rainy days for more than a week. i check the sky from my veranda n itz lookin too fine to say no to fishing. plus perhaps i can test my new spear..hehehe!

on the way to Malabar bay, i checked on my iPhone for current weather n surf report. it stated tht itz bit cloudy or otherwise fine. but it say tht the tide is rising which usually this mean the waves will bcome bit 'wild' n plus in RED it says, warning, strong wind for Port Botany n inner Sydney inlet. well, i just looked @ tht warning n say well, how bad it gonna b, plus i kindda pretty gud swimmer n like challenge! kate nak jadi rescue diver! cewah!

Then we arrived @ Malabar bay. we start fishing fishing using rod 1st. after couples of casting without no luck n my bait keep disappear, i said to my fren i'm gonna suit up in my wetsuit n spear those fishes!

while im sitting on the cliff of the rock to gearing up wif flipper n snorkle, my body keep swayed after been hit by the waves. ok!! not a gud sign. but since i already set up, might just jump in n see how it goes rite?? well mate, this how it goes...

as i jumped in, i could see couples huge fish..ok this is gud. then suddently my snorkle is full wif water. ok this mean the waves just came in. then i try to float vertical to check the waves n check my gear, then BAM!!! a big wave hit me n pushed me towards the rock. ahh!! what the..ok steady steady..stay calm. dun panic even tho itz hurt. then i try to climb back to rock, the 2bd wave came in. another BAM!! n i been pushed hard again towards those spiky rock. i have to hold my pain n take this oppurtunity b4 the big waves came in again. quickly i used simple trick tht i learned which is to rolled rather that climb on the rock. luckly i managed to climb to safe spot..aduh!!

hahaha! well tht my story..and the morale of the story, pay attention to those warning. they dun put those warning in red just for fun bcos they noe u might somehow ended red like me!! hahha!

P/s: i'm thinking of going gain tomolo since the weather is calmer but i got MedCheckup in the afternoon n itz gonna b few showers over the weekends.mayb next week..hehehe! wait for my next post then. Ahh! can't wait to catch fish my spear..

Lame tak bace jawi..korang ok lagi tak...??

وه! هاري اين ساي ساڠت تروجا! سوده لماي ساي تق منوليس دلم جاوي. اليه2 تيڠوق دالم بلوڬ "بودو&بلاچن" ادي ڤوست ڤاسل سوف تواري اونتوق چونۏرت دري رومي ك جاوي.ساڠت باڬوس! هيهيهي! اڤي لاڬي راكن-راكن.
ني كن لاتيه باليق جاوي ني سينچ سورت نكاح باڽق يڠ جاوي. كڠ تق ڤاسل توك كادي سوروه باچ، مولا له ڬلبه!! هها!

February 12, 2009

Startin Uni as Postgrad

Nway before i talk bout what i did today..i just wanna share 2 pics..the 1st one being a panorama view from my apartment in Maroubra..itz been a year i stayed here but never to appreciate this view till Arni came over n cook @ my place then she said what a gorgeous view u have from ur balcony..perhaps itz always like tht every evening tht make me just ignore it..the 2nd one being sort of like Tag or challenge i intro in my blog before n kinda me n Arm trying to get the best time trial. Forgot to post this earlier n also wanna get away 1st from my parent or else they gonna scold me..hehehe! i think this one consider enough la kot as it reach my target, Sub An Hour!! From KArak to Ktn toll using LPT..thats it!! 55minutes.enough said!!
Well now get back to the main story, today i did my OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) online as itz require by the DIAC (their immigration) to lodge Student Visa..then afta tht i'm off to Uni to get my student card done..

Kinda excited cos i heard once u bcome postgrad, u got extra privilege compare to undergrad.. heheh! guess what?? i'm right!! hehehe! Afta i got my Student card, the lady at the counter offer me to do a parking permit which exclusively for postgrad students..heheh! dun have to pay parking for afta 3.30pm anymore n special parking bay tht close to my school. yes!!

Afta tht, i went to Library n noticed tht they even got special area for postgrad..we got our own sorting area, table wif lockers, n designated research area wif internet connection.. hehehe! gud bye looooong line.. well this same goes to my Scholl ( here student usually refer their Faculty as school) we got common area for postgrad tht include table wif internet connection, lunch area wif microwave, meeting room, lockers n such which only can b assess via swiping ur postgrad card!! hahaha!!
Nway i'm kinda worried n scared for this semester regardless tht i will use n enjoy the privilege. hopefully i'm up for it n plz pray for me yek guys!! oh! actually my old school (faculty of built environment) is just 200m opposite my new school. my new school called Australia School of Business..itz one of the top business school in Australia as well as in the world la.. top la sgt..kang xlepas malu aku nk balik kampung!! aduih!!

Nway who ever wanna futher study here (UNSW or ASB) or any where in Oz n need some brief light on it, well u can always drop me a line or google..heheh!!

Peace out!!

February 11, 2009

Stuck CD in MacBook

Today i wanna share some tips i got from net tht was helpful for me yesterday. itz kinda spread the gud word la kan. Nway if u guys notice, Macbook use sliding mechanism for itz CD slot. itz kindda cool n save space thus allow thm to build compact smaller lappy. but 1 prob may arise tht is what happen if ur got urself a CD stuck in the slot..Not only tht, it will cause ur Macbook unuseable n huge loading time.since sliding mechanism dun have any emergency button like norm lappy tht u just can use needle or paper clip to force the CD to came out rite..

So how can u solve ur misery?? well afte googlin i found couples forum giving tips to overcome this. 1 is not harsh approach while the other 1 can be consider quite orthodox doctrine.. heheh! only use this 1 as last resort if the previous 1 do not success.

1st of all, just shut down ur poor Macbook, then while itz in loading state where the opening sound started, Quickly hold the mouse button or click n hold ur track pad while at the same time hold the eject button. this will cause the Mac to stop reading the CD (the reason itz stucked at 1st place it tht, Mac have been programmed to continue reading a CD even tho it can't read it, so tht's Y it stucked!) then the eject button will operate..

i got my CD out @ 1st attemp..so it should work..

Try this couples time n if this dun work..try the hardcore way..

Ok, the concept here itz to make the Mac from stop reading the CD (wish i know any commands to stop it rather thn use this physical methods). So u can use anything tht can fit into the sliding slot n try to stop the CD from spining. usually people use card n sumtimes tweezer. mind u tht i assume this method will sumhow damage the CD or the rotation mechanism inside the Mac if perform for quite sumtimes..but like i said, itz the hardcore way..

Hope it help!

February 10, 2009

Racist!! what i hate living abroad

itz happened again in my life. (i got lots of miss treatment during uni esp in final year)
Nway today i went to Post Shop near my place in Pacific Square, Maroubra. i have to admit tht i went there 1minute passed their closing time. i accept tht they dun wanna serve me..thts ok..
Then 1 of the officer came and said to me they can't serve me. even tho just 1minute passed they have to be strict.
but while i was waiting outside (they closed the sliding glass door) hoping tht they somehow will serve me, then came a lady wif stroller (local people). then the same officer came to open the door to the people inside the shop to go out, the lady said she just need to pickup 1 parcel..tht's 1.

To my surprice, he took the docket from the lady n look @ me innocently. he said to me, i cant go inside. then he return wif parcel n give it to the lady. What the FUCK is tht!!!

Then i said, 'hold on mate!! what the hell is tht?? n he said to me, "oh! she's wif the baby. Sory u have to came back tomolo" what a lame excuse!! wif BABY?? itz not baby u stupid cock!! itz a 3-4 years old child in stroller. n what make it different tht to me. itz not like she have to line up in middle of bunning hot day of crowded area or hold the child in her arm. just same wif me..

Then i said to him, "shame on u!! u being not fair!!" then mayb he SENTAP, he just closed the door n walk away. Fuck oFF u kiss ass!! tht rite Retard! walk away cos u so stupid to have conversation wif me..


P/s: lege hati aku..hahahaha! nway this sort of lil shit like this sumtimes make me just wanna go home. hate being minority in other country. siap r ko mat2 salleh dtg tempat aku.. mampos aku buat lu..Watch up guys, next time it will b my place,my time!!

2 stories, 1 day, 1 place...

itz been a week since i back in Sydney. as usual in 1st couples of weeks i will b bz settling down wif numerous stuff. nway yesterday my gurl n me went to city to sort sum stuff n some sad stories happend to her but on the other hand some hapi xcited story to me..

Arni Part
as u guys can read from her blog, she had some prob wif her MacBook which forced her to pay 3 times visit to Apple center in CT. this prob started since she's in Msia n prolong till yesterday. Assumely it was ethernet port n AirPort (itz MAc term for WiFi) prob, she went to 3store to get her prepaid wireless broadband as her current wireless provider was sold to another TelCo which require her for a new contract which can't b done as her visa dun permit it (she got less than a year stay limit)
N today she have to sent her MacBook for reformat n repair which will took bout 3-4days. So now she have the Wireless but dun have the Mac..if she noes this is the prob, better off to sign up for the prepaid WiFi later.. FYI, for Arni, internet is one of the most crutial aspect in her life..more like neccesity item such as food n shelter rather than luxury item..Lucky for her i just bought MacBook n have another desktop @ home..so feelin sorry for her, i let she use my lappy until she get her hand back on her Mac. Can't stand her look for passed several days, wif job prob, internet, n Mac..So stressful!! Pity u Syg..

Ichi Part

Now my hapi side of story.. i alwayz wanting a speargun..yes!! a SPEARGUN!! since i came to Oz, i alwayz want it..last 2 years when i starting snorkeling, i want to get 1 but as Spearfishing required good breath hold n diving skill, i start practising those 2 crutial skills. n Yesterday!! heheh! i got me 1 meself!! yahooo!!
The 1 i got actually the cheapest n for beginner..as u guys can see itz shaft, barrel, n line is consider short which mean itz can go at short distance which about 3-4 metres from me.. so i guessed it only for small-medium fish. well gud enough for me as for a start rite.

i also want to get me a SpearFishing knife that u can wrap around ur arm or legs but itz kindda over budget, perhaps later.the knife function as cutting tools as well as safety device..y?? well my frenz, one of biggest challenge as Spearfisher is that u have to deal wif sharks as this sport involves blood which may trigger them to ur spot..Scarry!! hehehe! hope i'm ready or better, they dun come near me..Plz!!

Nway i'm yet to test it as today i went to La Perouse n Malabar Bay, the weather gimme chill rite to me bone . So windy doh!! Perhaps later, finger cross as the weather forecast it gonna be chill for rest of the week..Aduh!! Xsaba Den!!

P/s: hope later i can update wif my 1st experience using the Speargun..So long angler, i'm now SPEARFISHER!!!!

February 6, 2009

Pahang Trip wif the Boyz

this is another entry tht i wanted to post since im in Msia but time dun permit itz (been bz wif family n mates..hehehe)
Nway on 2nd day of CNY,my housemates in Oz, Arip and Edy wif Afiq (my roomate in Msia Hall) n several of his frenz came to Pahang for the taste n exciment of East Coast.. so being the host, i bring them to Cherating, the most famous beach in Msia. we do bit of surfin, awek watching, paintballin, and lots of eating!! hehehe!
beside Cherating, we also went to Kuale Kemaman where i introduced them to ICT (ikang celup tepung) , KLCC (Kepok Lekor Cicoh Co'lek), Paeh, Sata, laksang n Mee Calong.. well what can i say, they love it by the look of their face after all those fish based food sunk into their mouth..heheh!! Warong Che Wan meme besh!!
Beside T'ganu "jalan2 cari makan" we also when to Tanjung Lumpur twice for Ikan Bakar Petai @ Ana Ikan Bakar and Warung Mok Naa for evening tea... nway did u guy know what East Coastern called ice lemon tea?? we called it Sing ngo Beng!! heheh!!

Here are some of the photos we took..

P/s: i'll try to reduce my words starting today as i want my post to b short n nice ( but i reckon sumtimes i could carried away while typing i guessed)

February 5, 2009

Bijak Sixer's

i noe itz bit late to post bout my 6Bijak reunion since itz been past 2 weeks..but since this afternoon i got nuthing to do other than try to remember my superb holiday in Msia n smilin by meself..hehehe! (hopefully i dun get homesick after this. nway if u got homesick, try to cure it by looking at light green color as suggest by some research i read)

Nway Bijak Sixer's reunion took place @ Telok Tongkang just next to the famous Telok Chempedak. it was suppose to start bout half past 8 but biase la rite, itz holiday, some people got hard time to jump off their bed (esp me!!) 12 Bijak Sixer's manage to turn up for the reunion where we had some BBQ (chef Rahim lead this assisted by peniup api Che Wan n pembalik daging Afit (btoi ka name die nie Fara???) ) n while the ladies of the beach bring pudding, bihun, jajan, n some variaty of refreshment.

Since the trio (the BBQ team) had some diff time getting the correct temperature for perfect chargrill effect, the ladies had organise "tenteng" game to indulge them self while si peniup api n pembalik daging are sweating their armpit..hahahha!!

Cut it short, after we had stuffed our belly wif high carbon BBQ n delicious food, we form a circle n itz time for "taaruf" hahah! nope nope!! itz actually time for catchup n gossiping!! each of us have to tell what happen after SKBS life n our not so private love life..hehehe! this is pretty cool as long as u dun hide anything (if u do pun, u cant escape since Masniza was there!!! )
Well, after the "taaruf" we had to make our move since some of us need to go back plus tht area startin to full wif "outlander" since the construction kan closed for CNY. it felt like tht we not in our homeland anymore..pergh!!

Basically, i had fun meeting my gud mates frm Bijak Sixer's n catching up wif them..at least tahu la what they up to recently rite.. till we meet again guys, all da best to u all!!

February 2, 2009

last day in Malaysia

well now 11.43 n im not even start yet to pack my stuff..just delaying the time..hope today time pass slowly so tht i can enjoy this very last moment..nway i just print my ticket n visa..(typical me when nak blk, alwaz last minute)

what can i say, this is the longest holiday i had since i study in Oz( 4months tu!!) n it also the best holiday i had. full of activities, fun, catching up wif frenz, new frenz, doing new stuff n i have to say some of the thing i encountered probably had change me..new me, the way i think, look n analyse certain things..i hope this can prepared me for the next 2 years me which i hope can change me.. my life.actually i reckon the coming 2years is more crutial to me than undergrad time..cos so much plan to do..so much thing to achived n im far from everyone..(even tho its same place, my gurl will leave me in May, lots of my buddies are already in Msia or Melbourne)

Honestly im scare tht i cant passed next 2 years while trying my best to achive my target.. but i noe, if i do success in this 2 years, man..Alhamdullillah!! itz totally gonna improve my life.. Ya Allah..plz let me achived all my target in this coming 2 years. "permudahknlah urusanku"

mm..nway my flight from Ktn is 1830 n from KLIA 2240..nie nak kuar jap..1417 have to pickup my sis..but still tak packed up..hahahah!!

Nway lastly i wanna say thanks to all my frenzs who i meet for past 4months. u guys r awesome!! to EXSAS EAGLE n ANSARA MRSRM MUAZAM Rugby team, thanks for letting me had superb moment playing wif u guys. to bloggers yg i meet, u guys cool n hot!! heheh! boys n gurls BijakSixers, u guys gimme inspiration n taught me tht friendship is sumthing u cant buy but u gain..sape agi ek?? mm..yeah bebdak SEMSAS, SMART, thanks for everitin.. n to sesape i dun mentioned, Sorry but u guys noe tht u guys alwayz i my mind.. cewah!! cam kasik speech menang award lak!! hahaha!! sedey la nie bai!!!

oklah.till we meet again guys, i love u all!!
p/s: insyaAllah ill b back in X'mas..heheheh