March 27, 2009

Masters oh Masters

itz been awhile i dun update my blog..been very busy wif my study so far..but actually i still managed to do some activites wif fren n my gurl.just tht i been lazy to update the blog.. well if u guys take a look @ Arni blog for sure she include some post bout me doing stuff 2gether..

nway i got couples of thing to settle regarding my study which should explain tht i should be bz now (yet i'm still lepak2 je nie) so much catchup to do, so much articles to read..ahh!! nape malas nak start nie!!

to be honest i found this masters so far been very interesting. commerce is really interesting. but sure it involve lots n lots of

klah..perhaps later this week i will update my blog..hope

March 9, 2009

Best Fishin Outing Ever..

Last Saturday morning (early morning) Arip, Aizat n me , we went down to Watson Bay for weekends fishing outing like usual. itz a normal routine tht turn out to be one hell of superb experience for all of us..wooohooo!!

We arrived there bout 1.40am in the morning n start casting our bait.the weather tht nite is perfect wif rising tide, clear sky wif 3/4 fullmoon, calm breeze and sea is flat wif crytal clear water..waa.. always a gud sign for gud catch..

Just less than 20minutes, Arip cought his biggest catch so far . Itz a Red Morwong or sumtimes refer as Sea Carp. itz a xciting moment not only for himself but it spark n boost our morale for the nite..ewah!
for the next 3hours after Arip catch, we got some preatttty decent bite but to bad the line snap and some get cought wif rock n seaweed. hovewer tht dun let us dun cos at least we noe tht there's fish tonite biting our rod got a pull, quite strong for the 1st bite then it slowly decreased..mmm..from my experience this could be a puffer fish..i said to my fren i just wanna cut off the line but they insist me to get it on the ground 1st..

then to my surprise, it was a Moray Eel..hampeh!!
itz quite huge eel. but lucky for it as it is dangerous to be eaten due to high toxin or not, "selamat r aku buat Unagi Teriyaki" (even some species have toxin mucus covering itz scaleless skin which is dangerous to touch) After tht i just cut off my line n set a new hook.

about 40minutes after tht, while i was checking my other rod (i always bring 2 rod to increase my chance=P ), suddently my other rod was lifted to the air by huge pull. lucky aizat was closeby n quickly hold my rod or otherwise i might lose my rod (this is my new rod).

while playing wif this 1, i never experienced such a strong pull. i already tighten my reel but it still have the power to pull my line.waa..must be a biggie here said myself. i tried losen the reel so tht the line wont snap..while i trying to pull this 1 off, Aizat wif a torchlight trying to see the fish shouting itz a biggie. i can saw it, huge but kindda flat..what itz it?? mmm... a Flounder (ikan sebelah) perhaps? but thts to bit for a Flounder..then..heheheh!

Itz a Stingray!! a Cowtail Stingray!! no wonder itz so strong. i heard before tht stingray itz very strong chalenger. hehehe!
since we dun have hook tht nite ( actually we dun have any since we never got big catch) i have to use my pail to took the stingy off the water. i must said tht im really scared cos knowing itz got poisonous sting at the back itz tail..

Then bout less 1 hour after tht, Aizat cought his biggest catch to date. wow! a massive Catfish.. what a catfish in the sea?? yup! i'm also surpised! but itz called Estuary Catfish aka South Australia Catfish.after all 3 big catch, one for each of us, we all a hapi man. just before we pack our stuff, a school of fish passed thru us for about 20seconds wif average 1foot size each. i'm nt sure wheater it is toilor or small kingfish. but for sure, we will come back ASAP to catch those fish.. perhaps this weekends!! yeah!!

Here some of pics tht we took later @ our home using decent camera (my Canon 400D).
noticed how long itz the Cobbler. Aizat actually is the tallest in our home so u can imagined how long n big is the Cobbler.
See how big the Stingray is..itz huge tho!! (i myself is quite big guy for Malay dude)we found 4 small stingray in the stingray..i felt bad bout this. if i know itz pregnant, for sure wif out hesitation i will let it got ASAP..i'm sorry stingy..i am...=("proses siang ikan" this is my 1st "siang" catfish. bagak nak mampos lak tu!! thanks to Penn utility knife i just bought, itz was razor sharp n make the cutting easy..cewah!!

March 3, 2009

TomTom One

Itz been 3 years i been using my Garmin Nuvi600 GPS which i bought from LowYat. At tht time, GPS is yet become one popular gadget which craved by dude like me as big boy toy. for me GPS is quite essential tool since i do spend lot of time driving around KL which i dun really familiar even tho actually i got another house in Sentul n do spend usually bout 48.3% my holiday in KL. Perhaps KL traffic keep changin rapidly which i cant keep up.

Nway i choosed Garmin at tht moment solely bcos itz 1 of brand tht got Msia map covered. itz not official actually. u have to googling around, find exact software, loads it up to ur GPS n then always keep updating as the Map is made by amateur on internet community( the 1 im using is Malsing community). u got be the member, then PM the admin, then they sent u the file. if u want the latest Map, then u have to contribute sumthing back to the community or got invitation by the admin. itz quite a process which i reckon suggest Y isz not in demand at tht moment...

well the time changed now... now u can simply bought Garmin or TOMTOM anywhere (actually most of them in LowYat or navigation shop) Garmin even got their own shop in the Curve which official maps. while Tomtom i;m not sure if they do have their own shop but u can get it in Msia n they also got their official of Malaysia which they said covered 54.6% of Malaysia wif full details for KL n 99.9% S'pore.

After 3years using my beloved old Garmin wif itz old tech, reloading n empty both Oz n Msian map every time i traveled back home(since it only got 256Mb memory on SDcard, yup i noe itz very old tech) It finally come to point where it keep sending me an error when i tried to transfer back to Oz map..probably bcos i havent done this process on my desktop (just got it early last year) but after tweakn n reinstalled the program it yet to back to norm..well it alost a month now since im back to Oz n i need to sed it if i wanna travel to sumwhere i'm quite not familiar..

then after i done bit of googlin i decide to just get a new 1 wif preinstalled Oz map. so here it is, my budget GPS. itz 2nd from bottom class but it features just perfect for me or should i say impressed me .probably the features bcome more n more cheaper everyday.
this model features spoken road names (this is cool, so less lookin at the screen, just hear the instruction) MapShare (u can share ur map wif frez if u made any correction) GoToBuddy (nie cam friend finder la) preload speed n red light camera (super cool!! save me money) n some other small features tht i reckon itz actually normal in other current GPS brand ( well, my old Garmin is quite old tech.hehehe) such as QuickSatFix (itz record next 7day of satelites movement which allow for quick startup) Mac book compatible software, funny voice instruction, and other setting tht u can make to personalise ur device. cooll!!

P/s: lepas nie lagi jauh la merayap yek!! yes yes!!

March 2, 2009

Watsons Bay

itz been while i dun update my blog..been bz having gud time wif my gud other half but yet she still have time to update her blog..huh!! die mmg blogger tegar..pantang ade mase..respect!! hehehe!

Nway last nite my housemate n me n some friends went fishing to this superb place introduced by Anas. itz called, Watsons Bay. this place is angler dream. Lots of big fish action, flat quiet waves, not windy, romantic view n best of all, they got platform there. sort of jetty like which home of some fish. hehehe!

The day before, Arip n me went survey this port n we sighted a huge puffer fish(ikan buntal) n decent size calamari. wah!! hehehe!

Nway last nite i caught 2 fish n another 2 fish got away..aduh!! sayang tol..the one tht got away is quite a big 1 i must say judging from how they 'sentap' my rod..hehehe. the i got n bring home i called "Red Murwong". this is my 1st caught this fish. looks nyummy!

the other 1 tht i released is some how a very wierd looking fish..some rock species i reckon. the fish got very huge mouth n even try to snap my finger when i try to tookoff the hook. luckly it dun bite my fingers. it keep trying to snap my finger even tho it been a while out of water. moreover, the fish make like dog sound, like heavy breathing. pergh!! scary!! so dun wanna risk my fingers, i cut cut off the line n released the fish..pity for the fish but i cant do anything..

Oh! Anas also caught this 1 big puffer fish(ikan buntal). SUPER HUGE. i reckon this is the biggest i saw in my entire life. i dun have the pic. too bad..nway the puffer got very large eye which i reckon kindda cute. itz even bigger than Arni eyes yg bulat tu.seriously!!

When Anas tried to took the hook off, the puffer keep puffing it self into "bola berduri" seriously like durian D24!! pergh!! no wonder they called it puffer fish.hehehe!

Nway after bout 5hours there, we packed our stuff n headed home wif 4 medium size fish n happy feeling. surely i will come back to this place in no time. plus March is the best time to fish in Australia..till then...Daa