July 3, 2009

Short trip to ARU and NSWRU

Yesterday after morning training session, me and Bunches head up to Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Head Quarters in our process to get their sanction in order to held next week rugby tournament. We dunno tht we need their approval to hold the game. Only last minutes, after Bunches contacted South Sydney Referees Union asking whether this game is approved by ARU or otherwise they wont blow the game..Damit!!!

(Abstract from net, as i dun take pic yesterday at their lobby)

Not enough time..Lucky when we arrived there (itz in North Sydney, which is quite far from our place) the receptionist, Susie was really helpful..She called up every single person tht can help us and even hooked we up wif Mark Green, who is the General Manager of New South Wales Rugby Union (NSWRU). She also make couples calls to some referee union and actually what we need is sanction from state rugby union and not ARU..so Mark Green is our man. Susie, Thanks alot on behalf of NSW Tigers!.hehehe!

Then kami berkejar back to NSWRU office which naseb just close to our suburb which is in Moore Park..When we arrived there, guess who we saw?? Kurtley Beale. Besar gle kot mamat nie..dlm team, nampak antare yg kecik n mude..(he's now 20)
Mark Green pun was nice to us..mm..probably we looked so young n innocent n being international student who want to play rugby in country where rugby is in their blood, mungkin sebab tu dieorg pun excited kot..ape2 pun now aal the forms being process..still waiting confirmation from insurans and hope later there is referee available to blow our game on Friday morning..hehehe!

Nway, here are some pics i took using my iPhone at ARU. Mind tht the lighting is not so gud there:-i was super xcited wif this pic..tau nape?? this is Webb Ellis cup..the rugby world cup trophy! and it was infront of me! not every one dpt chance nie!! hahahaha!!!!