October 23, 2008

Bunga Lalang

Today i woke up late due to i choose to sleep afta sahur..since i got nuthing to do except picking my sis from SMART @ 2.35, i'm free..i just 'lepak2' my home..itz been bz all day everyday in life in OZ..so now i take this oppurtunity for me to chillin'...i like!!

There's 1 empty lot next to my place where the land owner have yet to build anything on it where this beautiful 'bunga lalang' have grown all over the place..since i came back, every time i passed it, i always say its soo gorgeous..so ape lagi..due to sengal..i went to the lot and took several pics...love it!!

i asked my lil sis to b my model..this actually 4th shots to get those effect of the 'bunge' flying...itu pun xcukup bagus lagi..huhu!!

Kasih ibu..

i alwayz felt 'penuh kasih' syg whenever i came back..mum or who i called ummi alwayz asked what ever dishes i want..puding..lauk..kuih..kek..everitin..sumtimes i felt very 'terharu' wif umi berusaha, struglling try to get tht dish i request on the table..but she's the 1 yg so eager asking me what i want..umi..i love u..terharu sgt..

since i came back..i tried puding raja, rojak 'kateh', jala mas, mas je'put, kepor lekor, sate, pengat pisang, talam keledek, puding tapai..peh! umi..i cant stop sayinghow much i appreciate what u have done..itz not the food, but ur kasih sayang tht make me realise, much u love me..and of course i love u more=)

nway last nite we were having salmon steak and sirlion steak which i marinated tht noon..the salmon bit less fresh compare to Oz as the meat is bit pale rather than pink or red..while as i forgot to put some pure cream/ yogurt in the marinate, the steak come out less tender or perhaps bit chewy..huhuuh!! but its fun doh!! 'masak2' wif ummi @ dapur..

this is Snake fruit, or in Malay it called Salak (but actually some foreign country called it Salak aswell) or it scientific name Calamus zalacca..my father bought it yesterday at Merapuh, border of Kuala Lipis and Kelantan..itz been a while i havent sunk my teeth on this sweet yet bit acidic exotic fruit..itz texture bit like apple where its combination of crumbly, moist and crunchy..nyums!! it taste like unripe apple or perhaps banana with bit of "kelat" taste and hint of sweetness at the end..thts so unique!! huhu!!

MErapuh Salak is known for its taste and quality which put it on par or perhaps better than "Gula Pasir" - Indo Salak..well for me..as long itz not tht sour..MAsyuk!! huhuhu!!

notice itz reddish-brown scaly skin which gain itz name..careful!! it bit sharp which can sumtime cut ur skin...

P/s: Too bad now itz not Durian season..if not..i might overnite @ my dadkebun waiting for the Durian to gugur..huhuhu

October 22, 2008

BBS - BIM 2h17min

itz been more than 14-15months since my last time driving in LPT (lebuhraya pantai timur) or ECM (as seen on the pic).. so on my last trip back to Kuantan..after entertaining myself karaoke-ing to local radio, i decided to renew my record KL to Kuantan or more specific, BBS (bandar baru sentul) to BIM (bandar indera mahkota) door-to-door record...

well i did break my own record!! it took me 2hours 17minutes from my apartment in BBS to my home in BIM..hehehe!! tht with average speed of 167km/h..actually quite slow in term of average speed but oklah since i need to familair meself wif the 'track'

the pic above actually itz my prove to my bro..i always compete wif him since he hold the record for LPT in this house which only took him 64minutes in the LPT while as u guys an see i took me 74minutes!! Daayuumm!! 10 minutes more!! no worries..records are made to be broken..

Hehehe..perhaps maybe this weekends or maybe week after..i will renew my record..

so guys, r ya up to the challenge??

post ur best record and may the fastest be crown..."the ghost of LPT" hahrharhahraha!!

October 21, 2008

Polini Msian MotoGP'08

what a gud time to be back home n to realise tht there is MotoGP in Sepang!! yahooo!! i jumped in joy when i know this as i alwayz fan of bike since i know n plus i havent set my foot yet in our very own Sepang Circuit..so i reckon this is gud excuse to do so...

Actually i'm planing to go there wif my mates,Pmad who just recently come back from UK after getting his Masters there..so itz suppose to be like 2 of us 'melancong' in our own country la..kot..huhu! but too bad he got stuff on tht day n lucky for me Rahim text me to tag along or otherwise i might have to go there alone ler..i kesah..i suke moto!! hahah!!

Nway, due to lack of planing which i have too blame meself..we arrived there very late..while we lookin for parking spot..we stil can heard the suwit sound of tht GP bike..but too unlucky for me mate n me..itz alreADY done when we just sampai at the grandstand..hampeh!!

but i said to Rahim,"ok dude, xdpt motoGP aku nk cari baju crew satu and take lots pics of grid gurls!!" Smilin and angkat kening rahim said"ikut la..."

so guys below some of the pics i took wif our very own gorgeous grid gurl..

Sayang ku Arni Yusnita...jgn marah ek..kasi can la your boy nie have fun skit..ala u noe these gurls not my cup of tea kan..
so dun worry cos i only love u Darl!!! hehehehe!! muakss!!

Above: these gurls are from Kawasaki as u guys can see from the outfit..nice..

Honestly when i reach KTM booth..i was 'teruja' wif RC8 rather their chick. peh!! this is one hell of engineering marvel in bike world..well u can say it can't beat Ducati Desmo Sedici (did i spell it right??) but this one still on possible side of owning it rather than Desmo rite..

SIC also have organised side events on tht day which i reckon stunt showoff by StuntMaster Humberto Ribeiro from Portugal is the best and most entertaining..

these 2 gurls from BottleCap Ampunk..they done a gud job on tht day..like their music style..

So tht's it..eventho i missed the GP, i still got the chance to experienced the atmosphere of GP and having blast there!! yahoo!!! surely i'm going to F1 afta this to feel another kind of sensation..perhaps in Gold Coast..so housemates.get ready!! hohoho!!

P/s:want more pics?? go to my friendster..huuhu

October 10, 2008

Forex AUD...

What a sad day for me..last week i went to money changer to change my saving money which i planned to spend while enjoying myself in Msia..the rate was norm la..which is 2.85..tht's gud la..so i reckon itz gonna stay sumwhere around tht figure..but...to my surprise..yesterday it drop to 2.45..
then isaid..oklah..mayb just a week fluctuation..then today...2.32!! what!! so i done bit of research la searching what the hell going on here...

Unlucky me...Australia Reserve Bank(RBA) drop their interest by 1% which affects the forex just early this week..and it gonna stay at this figure for quite sum time unless sumthing drastic happen in world econ.. i reckon they to this is to counter the down fall of US econ..the faster RBA react the better for them. it allow the econ to recover faster via foreign investment and export.. also this will boost the construction n housing industry back there..well tht at least what i learn in uni years ago...on the other side itz better for Malaysia as well..cheaper product from Oz..parentz anta duit pun murah..nk beli kete pun murah..

but for me yg bawak blk duit oz..planning to having a blast over here..well...nasib ler.maybe i'm not patriotic for malaysia kot cos this event surely favor most Malaysian actually..or perhaps i dun look at bigger scope and long term..well...mmm..mayb itz time now to angkut superbike from Oz..tak pun BM 3series ke..mm....menarik tu...

but for now,niat nk angkut Canon G10..have to wait..well utk Sony HD Camcoder lak..probably beli..but maybe gax not..budget lari maa...aduh la.....saba saba

Congratz Omar & Ada!!

congratz to Omar and Ada for their engagement on last Saturday, which is on 4th Syawal..Ada looked very beautiful with tht white dress while Omar...err...sempoi..huhuhu!

October 8, 2008

Masjid Kristal...

View from parking spot...i must say that this is one of the most gorgeous mosque in Malaysia or perhaps maybe top 10 in the world. with itz landscape n fountain that welcomes visitor as soon as they step their foot around the mosque..itz well maintain as well..let just hope this maintenance will tahan sampai bebile..aince Msian is also famous for itz hangat2 tahi ayam je...
love what they do with the columns..maybe itz looked normal but it just compliment the dome and the overall structure of the mosque itself...
one superb architecture....did u know that once inside u can see the sky via the dome as the dome is actually made from tinted glass..so during bright day..the main hall will lit wif natural light wif hint of green gold colour..cun sgt!! oh!! itz aircon also loo...so xpanas2 le solat zuhur over here..hehehhe
found this structure sumwhere in front of the main entrance to the mosque..i wonder it is place to wuduk ke..maybe bird bath ke, fountain, or perhaps just kasi cun maa...huhuhu!!

lawa sungguh tempat nie.. tapi ramai org amik pics dari org g solat..

takpe..at least pegi..dari tak pegi langsung rite...

P/s: risau lak teringat satu tande akhir zaman "manusia di akhir zaman berlumbe2 membina masjid, tetapi hanye untuk bermegah-megah dan di dalamnye pula kosong"....

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!!
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Gud to be back home BUT...

Ahhh!!! what a gud feelin'!!! Itz been a while tak balik Kuantan..daayyuuummm..miss it alot..
Tapi on my first day driving on Msia road...instantly i realised why do org ckp duk Msia cepat tol naik darah, jadi hangin xtentu psl..sakit hati n such.. here aku now shared my mere thought pasal Msian road users...

1) Tak Kasi signal sign!!!!
what wif people yg tak suke kasi signal. aku rase every cars n bikes sume ade..tapi nak kasi signal tu..macam angkat dumbell 20kilo!! pehal ek?? tak paham aku! macam the other day, simpang nk masuk East Coast Mall, mmg la lane plg kanan utk turn right n people wif tahu la u gonna turn right since that lane xkaco lane lain..tapi...pehal ko tak kasi signal!! jadikan la tu tabiat yg positif. jalan bukan habitat ko buat kepale ko.sume org bayar road tax la. tapi paling aku xbulih terime, org tukar lane xkasi signal..peh!! tu paling buat aku pissed off!! hish!!

2)Zebra crossing??
satu aku nak tanye..ape fungsi zebra crossing kat Msia nie?? cos my last time experience drive kt Bukit Bintang, aku kene hon kat kete blakang aku psl aku kasi org melintas kat zebra crossing..so ape fungsi zebra crossing if pedestrian nk melintas kene tgk kete n dieorg bukan 1st priority..if camtu baik dieorg melintas memane je..xyah buat zebra crossing.mahal tu cost die. bazir je if buat tapi org yg bawa kete tu bengong rite.

3)Tak kasi ruang...kene kasi ke??
satu aku perati la, org kite nie mmg rude n very 'kiasu' time bawak kete.mane nak ade kasi ruang if ade kete nk masuk simpang ke, nk tukar lane ke even dh lame kasi signal..aku rase if kite berenti, angkat tangan suruh jalan, aku rase kite dh kurangkn jammed n paling byk pun kite late 30seconds jepun..so what to lose rite.. tapi aku paling xsuke la, if aku kasi ruang, org tu tak angkat tangan or angkat kepale tande thanks..tapi bagi aku..aku dh buat baik..n if ko xreti nk balas balik..mmg aku far better than u dude!!

aku nye prinsip atas jalan nie senang, buat baik. tunjuk ethics terbaik, n tolerate. sedey aku tgk Msia...country with world class facilities but mentality 3rd world country..memalukan je..