December 23, 2008

cant wait for tomorrow i'll b unite wif me love

hey sun!!! hurry up n wake up!! i cant wait to see my love tomolo!!!

December 13, 2008

Tag from Fatin...

Terms & Conditions...
1. Listkan rules² ini.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 7 peeps at the end of your tag by leaving their names with their blog link.
5. Link the person who tagged you.
6. Leave a comment for each blogger.

1. Rules:
- same as above

2. 7 facts bout me
- even tho i'm very consent bout how i look..actually my BMI is 25.5 which is overweight!! haah! (ok ok Darl, it will be my new year resolution to achieve six pack or at least flat abs k=] )

-i start playin rugby in form 1 since i got rejected during skool soccer tryout which prove tht i'm suck @ football..

-so obsessed with gadjet n high tech merchandise. would spends lots of money on it.

-one of reason i keep an active lifestyle via workin out n exercise beside maintainin my body (oh plz!! itz not even ideal BMI..) i noe tht i got heart problem gene which may bcome problem in later year so trying from now to maintain my heart health condition

-i can b consider as metrosexual. i do wear moisturizer, eye cream n sunblock every time i hit the sun n sumtimes coloured contact. i use SK2 white essence with biotherm toner n biotherm whitening sets. i do put my cloth on my bed to choose what to wear n spend time coordinating it. and..ahh!! too much to say la but u get the idea la..

-one of reason i fell in love wif photograpy is tht im soo vain tht during first month after gettin my DSLR, i took lots of selfpotrait and spend time lookin at it..hahha!!

-well the last 1 i usually dun tell!! i change my mind la..i tell u sumthing else.. well i got 3 'pusar rambut' n one of it itz infront my head near the forehead..heheheh!!

3. 6 unspectacular quirks of me
- i got this 'was-was' i set my alarm clock, i would check it at least 5-6 times by set it on then set it off again n repeat again and again..

-if i saw well dressed or stylo couple, my eyes will draw to the guys 1st..after sometime then i look at the gurl..dun worry i'm very very straight. i guessed i'm so consent bout i how i look i try to see how others dressed up n take idea from them..

-itz very hard for me to mingle wif elders..i dun now y..espeially during 'majlis' or other gatherin..i would rather sit at corner n enjoy the food while trying to make bored faces..huhuhu!!

-after high skool, i never finished reading a book or novel except related to my studies..well magazines dun count la kan..i'm soo lazy at reading books..

-i do have this attidude towards 'keep it to last minute'. n everitimes i finished sumthing just on time, i promise to would never do it again but yet to repeat the sin in no time..huhu!!

-one of my bad habits is to wear my sleepin uniform a week long..hahaha! makin lame pkai, makin comfy jadik..hahhah!!

4. Tag 7 peeps at the end of your tag by leaving their names with their blog link.
well i dun have many frenz to tag n sum of then dun regulary update their just these people je la..
-Huny -
-Attila -
-Arm -

5. person who tagged me
- Fatin -

6. Leave a comment for each blogger.
- Bereh!!!

Medal from Attila!!!

as i said in last post..itz been awhile i dun update my blog n checkin my peeps blog..haiyah!! so lazy meh!! nway just now while i'm flickin thru one of me frenz blog, Attila..i just realised she been giving me this lovely medal!! yeah!! this is first time i got Virtual Medal..medal zaman skolah2 tu ade yg nie sungguh trendy kerna iya xdpt dpegang tp mampu dtatap n bulih dkenang n bisa dsimpan..cewah!!! hahaha!!

P/s: thxs again Attila gud luck wif ur Thesis!! aja aja berusaha!! yeah!!!

Been LAzy....

Lately i felt so lazy updating my gurl keep tellin me to post up some thing in my blog..but i dun noe..too lazy..but i guessed it bcos i dun noe how to resize my pics in Macbook..since i dun have PS or other software in Macbook..tht demoralised me..hehehe!! alasan..nway i got heaps happenin around me like, Penang and Bandung Trip, B'day umi, Semi Rugby Game Liga Alumni Kebangsaan, Dek Nors Wedding, House Warming Ab.P...but i guess i'm to for start i will try to post it in reverse or any sequence i like..hahhaa!!

i also have to appologise to my bloggers frenz as seems a while i dun drop to ur guys blog..mayb later on..tomorrow i'm going to KL for Final Rugby game agains STAROBA (STAR Old Boys Assoc.) n fetch Arni later on.Yeahh!! So i guessed after coming back from KL i will spend some time blogging..heheh!! hopefully la kan..

Nway here some pics taken tonite @ Abang P house warming..since today Fatin Bufday as well, i bought Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recepi this afternoon n we had small side bufday celebration..oh!! Damia bufday pun carried forward to today..actually Damia bufday is on 4th kire super belated la..nWay hapi bufday to Fatin n Damia!!!

December 9, 2008

Black is out n Fun is in!!

what a day..yesterday Almost whole Kuantan city n itz surrounding suburb were in blackout due to power failure in one of the main power distributor..well tht what i've been told..nway the blackout start about 12.30pm yesterday n in the evening bout 6pm bout 85% houses around Kuantan gain back their electricity..unfortunely my area Bandar Indera Mahkota 5 only get its electricity this morning..what a relief!

nway since we have to spend the whole nite lightin our house wif candles which i reckon is fun..hehehe! i try to snap couples of pics just to make it fun nite..
fatin wif her love sign
farah trying to make star sign
me wif unsuccessful human sign

P/s: we whole family spend the whole nite sleepin in the livin room with candles lightin up the area ..what a bonding session..hahhaa!!