August 10, 2010

Salam Ramadhan

Salam..itz seems very long ago the last time i'm blogging..perhaps... there's not much to share wif..
not saying tht, there's nuthing happened just tht i dun feel sharing.. well..

i reckon since 2moro is 1st Ramadan..which is mean i already back for gud for a year now.. i think it is gud excuse for me to start blogging again kot..

but no promises to b made tht i will keep blogging for consistent.. mase...mase and sikap malas menjadi penghalang.. hehe!

Nway, dgn ayat cliche, i just wanna wish every1 out there selamat menyambut Ramadan dan selamat beramal! amin!!

Take care n c u guys soon!


z@f!r said...

pergh. last entry december 3rd 2009. haha. welcome back mr. ichi.

nOrBee said...


Dee said...

gosh, i havent dropped by ur blog for a while..u pun same dah kureng blog yer?same here..dulu rase mcm nak let out everything kat blog, but skang bz ngn keje nyer.. susah kan? but i pun pasang angan2 mcm u gak la..nak blogging secara mcm dulu.huhu good luck to both of us then :)

see u this raya insyaAllah:)