September 9, 2009

Lily and Bart

Its been a while since last time i uploaded pics of Lily and Bart..Dieorg dh besar now and age roughly 8months this September. Nway, as most of u know, both of them now living wif me in Kuantan. They now seems to like it here n enjoying the sunny weather in Kuantan. But i reckon, since the weather was pretty hot for them during the day, they just spend their time sleeping when the sun is out.
Oh! in last post i said tht i bought new collar for them wif ultra kawaii bell kan. So here are the pics of them posing wif their Hari Raye collar. keh keh keh!!

Sejak blk to Msia nie, most of stuff regarding Lily and Bart berubah such as food (as i said in past post) and of course la weather kan. Nway arini nak story skit psl Cat Litter a.k.a. Kitty Litter. From what i know there are several types of Kitty litter available in the market such as Conventional (nie pkai clay biase n tak clumping), clumping litter (modified clay), biodegradable litter (such as newspaper, orange peel, wood dust) and crystal (silica gel)
2 pics kat atas nie show tht, dieorg tgh cube2 new litter. Maybe smell news kot tu psl dieorg try2. hopefully dieorg suke la. Oh! nie tips, if u guys nk tukar litter type or even brand pun, do it before abis tau, cos kene campur skit wif litter yg dieorg dh biase so tht barulah dieorg ok. This same goes to food as well.

Nway from experience i been using Crystal type in Sydney n switched to Clumping Clay in Msia (nie beli secare xsengaje) Both of these type ade pro and con la. Crystal firstly it look nice when fresh new. it absorb urine better, but u have to stir it after the cat used it so it mixed around n the absorption process is quicker. So itz more economical la kan. but satu xbest is tht, bile dh bout a month, iye akan tukar color (color kuning, actually color nie akan bertambah as hari bertambah la) n time nak tukar tu, biase urine akan duk kat bawah n this will...pergh!!! busuk gak la. Tp like i said, itz economical cos gune this type of litter skit je but color tu yg xtahan tu n time nk tukar.
bagi clumping clay lak, urine akan clumped n jadi solid, so kene buang hari2 la. but positivenye iyelah cm me, since i put the litter box kat tepi bilik, so since urine tu clumped n buang hari2. so xde masalah odor la kan. tp negative sidenye iyelah die pkai byk la kan n selalu kene topup skit2 bergantung pade usage. btu so far, i prefer clumping clay over crystal.
The one i'm using (clumping clay) even have small bit of silica to absorb the odor n moisture. So it get both of the world. So bagus2. hehehe! tp since itz clay n kene topup, pastu price agak mahal, so from financial side it not gud la kan.

P/s: rilek je kucing kat kampung pkai tanah. dh la itz not only sustainable methods, jadi baja lak tu utk pokok2 kat situ. ehhehehe


z@f!r said...

blog ko dah jadi cam blog penjagaan kucing.. hehe.. apapun best.. two thumbs up.. banyak info pasal kucing.. terus terasa nak bela sekor..

Ichi said...

bela la sekor bos. cumil sgt dieorg nie. tak tahan. jd tempat bermain. hehehe

Khairiyah said...

bila nk dpt tgk kucheng2 ichi ni live..huhuh..comey sangattt!

Liyana Safra Zaabar said...

meccha kawaiii!!


hubby hunny comel gila entry ni. lama tak tgk lily dan bart. lily pic first tu malas gila muka cam kuncing jantan lol ;P

pic cuba cuba litter ru semangat gila bart korek, wahahahahahha

Ichi said...

KErry: dtg la kuantan, bulih peluk2 mereke. hehehe

Yana:ultra kawaii

Huny: Tu la psl muke cm jantan pemalas. hahaha!

atikah said...

cumil nyer kucin2 nih..bell tu menambahkan kecumilan nyer..

Ariff said...

Wan......hahaha ko nie menambahkan perasaan rindu ku kepada diorang la....kirim salam sayang kat bart n lily yer.....