November 4, 2008

Ikan Bakar Tanjung Lumpur

i have been spending my last week @ KL which explain Y i havent update my blog recently..well there's no Net connection @ my Apartment in KL..However i will tell u guys bout my day trip to Melake wif my gud fren, Pmad in next post..

Now i want to tell u guys bout Tanjung Lumpur..well last week b4 i went to KL, as usual me and whole family will have diner at ikan bkar Tanjung Lumpur..itz bcome more like ritual for every time i came home..well i like it tho!!
Tanjung Lumpur can be reach from Kuantan thru Tanjung Lumpur bridge located at Persimpangan Jalan Telok Sisek..itz actualy very close to Kuantan..once there, there's rows of restaurants selling ikan bakar as their specialty..however being local n growned up in this town..well i can say i know which spot is the best..hey!! if u guys do ever planning come down to Qtan (tht's fancy way of saying Ktan) just drop me a line n i'm surely more than hapi to help u guys searching the best ikan bakar port! huhuh!

this is one of my fav..."udang masak manis berlada" perghhh!!! terbaek!!!
this cuisine is lil bit exotic..its called "pepahat" itz taste just like any other invertebrate but lil bit taste better than "kerang' for me
oh! ya..u guys should try "Air Pelam Gelas Besar" thts one of their speciality here @ Ana Ikan Bakar..very refreshing!! nyumsss!!!
My kunun2 soo "Ayu" sis who always wear stilettos and korean wannabe lil sis who actually dunno how to write properly in Korean...Ape-ape pun...i still love them for who they r!! aauuww!!
Seems tht "tok" having a gud time..
Umi is planning our next family gateway..bandung probably..y?? can shopin there maa...=p
heheh!! just love this gorgeous chick..



wah nyums semuanya. damia cumill sgt

Anonymous said...

happy besday damia. da brape umur die ichi.

btw, pepahat tu ape?. cm freak je. aku ta penah mkn. looks tasty man =)

Ichi said...

damia 2 thn la..huhu!! pepahat try nk sesame..bile ko balik sini agi??

Anonymous said...

ko balik sane bile?. kalo 15-17 nov?

Ichi said...

arm:aku blk pas raye haji..dlm 10 Dis gitu la..15-23 aku trip to Penang and Bandung

Anonymous said...

ok. cun. so lame lg la. i thought in nov u goin back there. haha. enjoy kay

RaSHidAwAti DaUd said...

hihi..kecik2 dah kena panggil chik =)..Tapi Qtan mmg tempat idaman ku dari dulu lagi =)

Ichi said...

Shida: Qtan berBAek!!! banda palma kesukaan ramai!

Anonymous said...

i loike!

atikah said...

nyum2x... ana ikan bakar petai.....haha

cumil bangat damia!!!